Polycraft Benefits

Owning a Polycraft boat provides you with many benefits over aluminium and fibreglass boats.

Polycraft - Greater Stability

A unique hull design with reverse chines provides unmatched stability, lift when accelerating onto the plane and tighter turns.

Polycreaft - Softer Ride

Polycraft boats flex to absorb the impact of the sea, just like shock absorbers on your car softening your ride on rough or bumpy roads.

Polycraft Benefit - Quieter Ride

The dual wall hull absorbs noise from the engine and the sea. This results in a quieter ride and more enjoyable day on the water.

Polycraft Benefit - Better Flotation

Polyethylene has a natural buoyancy that floats unaided when in water. The unique dual wall also traps air that contributes to flotation.

Polycraft Benefit - Greater Strength

Polycraft are one of the strongest boats on the market. Tests show that poly boats have five times the impact resistance of fibreglass.

Polycraft Benefit - Low Maintenance

Polyethylene is very easy to maintain, clean and repair. It is also less susceptible to marine growth than many other boat materials.

Polycraft - No Corrosion

Polycraft are corrosion resistant and will look good for longer. They are not susceptible to electrolysis or osmosis as found in other boats.

Polycraft Benefit - UV Stabilised

UV stabilised marine grade polyethylene protects your boat from the sun. Colour is in the material so your boat remains looking new.

Polycraft Benefit - One Piece Design

The unique dual wall hull is manufactured in one piece. There are no seams, welds or joins so the hull is extremely strong and durable.

Polycraft - 4 Year Warranty

Polycraft offers a 4 year manufacturer warranty for recreational use and 1 year for commercial use (refer to warranty statement).