Tank Manufacturing Brands Who Care About Higher Quality Products

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Tank Manufacturing Brands Who Care About Higher Quality Products

When it comes to selling a product, business brands often love making an often-unsubstantiated claim that their product is “higher quality”. What that often means is anyone’s guess and many of us have learnt to just dismiss. If we can’t tell what is in one product over another then we are naturally drawn to shop based on what we do understand – price.

Is there an easy way to distinguish which manufacturing brand does truly care about the quality of their product? Thankfully, when shopping for some water tanks comprised of the same general material, there is a simple test which involves comparing the weight of the final tank product.

Why Tank Weight Reveals Higher Care

How does the weight of a tank reveal a higher level of care by a manufacturer to produce a quality product? Well, think about what it means when you have two different tank brands, same tank size, similar substance, only one tank is heavier than the other. Why is one heavier than the other?

One manufacturer evidently thought it best to use more poly material when constructing their tanks (i.e., the heavier tank). This means the manufacturer would have paid for more poly material in their tank. No business wants higher expenses than necessary so what justification might they have for this? They likely saw it as necessary to produce a higher quality tank.

The other manufacturer could do use the same amount of poly, but, why didn’t they? Given more poly material requires greater expense, perhaps the manufacturer was more interested in cutting production costs to increase their profit margin. This can be taken as a sign that they care less about the quality of their tank, and more about the profits and possibly just passing on quality.

Higher Quality or Lower Cost?

Many tank manufacturers realise consumers either don’t know or find it hard to understand what goes into making a quality tank. What this means for those who do produce a higher quality product is that they must remain competitive on price to sell. The benefit of this to you, as a consumer, is that you can purchase a high-quality tank at the same price as a cheaper tank.

Now pause for a moment. If you were to spend your hard-earned money on a tank, and two different tank brands were similar in price, which of the following would you trust?

  1. The manufacturer who spent less on poly material in making their tank?
  2. The manufacturer who spent more money on poly material in making their tank?

Obviously, manufacturer #2 shows greater care by putting more into producing their tank product. Why else would they spend more money than they really need to produce a tank? It is much easier to make money on a cheaper product, than to establish a higher quality product.

Sadly, the manufacturer who invests less money in their own products will still promote their product as “high quality” – whatever they mean by such. Lucky for you, weight is an easy way to determine which tank manufacturer cares more about investing in a quality product, as well as which tank is stronger and has a higher value. Knowing the weight of the poly tank you are purchasing is one main criterion you can use when comparing different brands on the market.

National Poly Industries provide a weight guarantee on all poly tanks sold as this metric is such an important factor. We want to ensure the tanks we sell have long lives, providing our customers with a reliable, hassle-free water supply.