1,500L Underground Water Tank

Our 1,500 litre (330 gallon) underground tank is one of the most compact and shallow excavation tanks on the market.

Tank Specifications

Capacity: 1,500 Litres (330 gallons)
Availability Available in Queensland QLD Available in NSW/ACT NSW/ACT
Height: 1,010 mm 1,010 mm
Width: 1,250 mm 1,250 mm
Length: 2,100 mm 2,100 mm
Weight: 80 kg 80 kg

Underground Tank Features

  • German engineered and manufactured in Australia.
  • Compact shallow excavation design.
  • 15 year warranty (conditions apply).
  • Fully integrated self-cleaning filter (option available).
  • Driveway manhole option available.
  • No ballasting required.
  • Child proof cover.

Underground Rainwater Tank Install