Water Tank Accessories

National Poly can supply you with a range of rainwater tank accessories including water pumps and covers, self-cleaning tank systems, rainwater diverters, leaf strainers and brass tank fittings.

Tank Pumps & Cover

Pumps & Covers

Household pressure systems suitable for all uses from the small weekender up to large properties on acreage.

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Tank Brass Fittings

Tank Fittings

Our brass fittings are a premium fitting, with several features not widely available in common brass fittings.

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Rainwater Diverter

Water Diverters

Rainwater diverters improve water quality by preventing roof contaminants from entering your tank.

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Leaf Strainers & Covers

Leaf Strainers

Keep leaves out of your tank with mosquito-proof approved and food-safe stainless steel strainers.

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Self-Cleaning Tank Water System

Self-Cleaning Tank System

Ensure your harvested rainwater in your tank remains clean, fresh and safe to drink with the TankVac® self-cleaning system.

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Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Everything you need to setup your rainwater tank.
Plumbing code-compliance made easy.

  • Rainwater tank
  • Tank pump
  • Strainer
  • Overflow/s
  • "Tank Water in Use" sign
  • Outlet/s and valve/s
  • Water diverter
  • Free delivery