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Water Tanks in Maryborough

Rainwater Tanks Maryborough

National Poly Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying durable and food-grade rainwater tanks in Maryborough and its surroundings. Water stored efficiently in our premium-quality water tanks can be put to good use during the drier months of the year, making our water tanks the best option for collecting and utilizing rainwater.

Discover Our Water Tanks in Maryborough

Round Tanks Under 10000L

Our small round water tanks are available in a range of colours, are sturdy, and can be linked together as well for greater storage capacity. These tanks do not rust or corrode and keep the water fresh without changing the taste or quality even after long storage. With no vertical side seams and quality watermarked fittings, our small water tanks last for years. These tanks come with a warranty of 20 years.

Round Tanks Over 10000L

These heavy-duty, premium water tanks come with superior design and tapered walls. BPA-free and safe, our large round tanks are available in a range of colours to go with the overall look of your home. Built to last for years withstanding changing weather conditions, these one-piece construction water tanks prevent algae or larva growth, keeping water hygienic. These tanks have a warranty of 20 years.

Industrial Tanks

We manufacture and supply a wide range of custom-fitted industrial tanks, including chemical storage tanks, liquid fertiliser storage, water treatment plants, and mining waste storage. Customised to meet specific requirements and with a capacity from 1000L up to 37,200L, our industrial tanks are built to store an array of liquids, including SG1, SG1.4, and SG2. Contact us for more details!

Slimline Tanks

Slimline tanks are ideal to use in places with space constraints and can fit easily in any nook and corner of your property. Easy to install and competitively priced, these tanks are functional and add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Easy to manoeuvre, they can be linked together for greater storage capacity in limited spaces. These durable tanks come with a warranty of 10 years.

Thin Tanks

Designed to fit in any location, thin tanks can be positioned alongside a wall or fence and can enhance the visual appeal of the premises. These modern and stylish tanks are an excellent option to save rainwater in properties with space limitations. Made of one-piece construction, these water tanks are manufactured using top-quality material and are durable. You can even convert your thin tanks into a vertical garden.

Other Products

We also supply a range of other products, including cartage tanks, molasses storage tanks, feed and water troughs, custom tank moulding, as well as tank accessories like water tank pumps, tank fittings, water diverters, leaf strainers, and automatic mains switches.

Benefits of National Poly Industries Water Tanks in Maryborough

State of the Art Manufacturing

We have a combined experience of about 100 years and work collectively to craft the best products. Our team employs premium materials to design durable water tanks and adheres to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766: Certified Tanks. The tanks have food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene, which ensures maximum protection from harsh Australian conditions and strength retention.

Affordable Water Tanks Maryborough

We supply top-grade water tanks in Maryborough at budget-friendly rates. If you are unable to find a product in our line, we can customise the tanks to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we transport the tanks to your doorsteps for free for up to 400 km.

One-Piece Construction

We manufacture single-piece water tanks that are devoid of seams and weak points. The absence of seams also prevents splitting or cracking, which makes the tanks sturdier.

Safe Drinking

Our tanks are BPA-free, which allows you to consume clean and fresh water. We meet all the necessary regulations for safe drinking, AS 2070/AS 4020. Furthermore, our water tanks are easy to maintain and can be set up with a tank self-cleaning system.

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