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AQUAPLATE® is BlueScope’s specially constructed steel for rainwater tanks with a 0.2mm polymer layer on at least one side, and normally a painted coating on the outside. This steel is what BlueScope recommend out of all their products for rainwater tanks. AQUAPLATE® which has ZINCFORM® G300S Z275 substrate or the thicker ZINCFORM® G300S Z450 steel layer. The steel used in AQUAPLATE is a hot-dipped zinc-coated structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 300 MPa. It is important to note that AQUAPLATE® has various weaknesses and it is important to be familiar with BlueScopes guidelines for using tanks made from this steel. For example, it is incompatible with lead and copper, treated timber, uncoated steel, fertilisers, pesticides and abrasive cleaners which can all cause corrosion.

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