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Polyethylene Tanks

Polyethylene is one of the most popular water tank materials today for many good reasons. Some main benefits include:
  • poly tanks are strong, light-weight and more cost effective than alternative materials
  • the flexibility of plastic allows for variety of styles and shapes
  • poly tanks are easier to install due to their strength and lightness
  • a wide range of colours to match your taste
  • colour is found within the poly material so your tank remains looking new longer
  • poly tanks are non-corrosive so will not taint your rainwater with fibres.
Unlike steel tanks, poly tanks also mean you have no need of poly liners found in steel tanks—since poly tanks are entirely made from food-grade polyethylene. There is one drawback however that is easily to overcome. Rainwater is naturally acidic and can cause copper to leak into the water if left in the pipes for some time. Understand this is also an issue with modern steel tanks that come with poly liners. The solution is easy, through either treating water in your tank so it will be less acidic, or applying proper filtration at the tap or simply flush the first seconds of water out of the pipes that you drink or cook with. Poly tanks haves quickly become the choice for Australian rainwater tanks. They can be found in storage capacities of up to 50,000 litres. Polyethylene is also very recyclable today and reusable, making them the green material of choice in the 21st century.