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Multiple Poly Tanks for Large Water Storage Requirements in Farming

Many are familiar with the use and installation of individual water storage tanks, but the setup of multiple storage tanks in a rainwater harvesting system often isn’t considered. The use of multiple water tanks in larger scale water storage endeavours is neither difficult nor uncommon. This article looks at some benefits of linking multiple poly tanks together to fulfill large water storage needs often required by farming businesses.

Individual Large Steel Tank versus Multiple Poly Tanks

Poly water tanks often end at around the capacity of 50,000 litres. At National Poly Industries, our largest storage tank sold holds 37,200 litres of water (8,200 imperial gallons). One the other hand, steel tanks such BlueScope’s AQUAPLATE®/ZINCALUME® steel can be individually purchased in standard sizes up to around 250,000 litres. Multiple Poly Tanks for Large Water Storage Requirements in Farming Our most popular and cost-effective tank size is our 5,400 gallon (24,500 litre) water tanks. While we don’t publish our prices directly onsite, as we have distributors that we choose not to directly compete with, a poly tank of this size could set you back around $2,500. Multiple tank purchases would obviously receive better deals. Steel water tanks of comparable capacity would cost you approximately 50% more in price, although cost per litre in steel tanks generally become less expensive for higher capacity tanks, a good price on a 100,000 litre steel tank can cost around $8,500 including accessories and delivery. Keep in mind this is tank cost, with steel tanks site preparation is often much more expensive. In the end, tank cost alone for multiple poly tanks versus steel tanks in higher capacities to fulfil larger storage volume requirements, such as 100,000 to 200,000 litres, are quite comparable. Talk to National Poly Industries about your steel tank quote and we will definitely provide you with a competitive cost-effective option. Installation of poly tanks is often far simpler (and less costly), and ongoing maintenance is less costly since no poly liners need to be used nor do any anodes need replacing as found in ZINCAULME® steel tanks. Another big advantage to linking multiple water tanks is risk reduction and flexibility to add more over time if you find your water requirements increasing. Consider, if one tank is damaged or contaminated, you will not be up for the expensive cost of replacing one very large tank. Instead you just deal with the one tank in your system.

Multiple Tank Combination Setups

Common combinations for multiple poly water tanks at larger storage capacities include:
  1. 100,000 litres (approx.):
    • 4 x 24,500 litre tanks (total 98,000 litres)
    • 2 x 37,200 litre tanks + 1 x 24,500 litre tank (total 98,900 litres)
  2. 200,000 litres (approx.):
    • 5 x 37,200 litre tanks (total 186,000 litres / 41,000 imperial gallons)
Request a quote from us through our website or talk to National Poly Industries directly today regarding your high-capacity storage requirements.