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What is Suction Pressure on Water Tank Pumps?

What is Suction Pressure on Water Tank Pumps?If you’re reading this article, then you are likely investigating what water pump to get. You know that you need a pump to pressurise water to where you need it throughout your property or around your home, so then why do pumps list suction pressure? Suction may just be something you hadn’t considered, especially if your pump will be placed beside your tank.

What is Suction Pressure?

Suction pressure is a specification often found on water pumps and the unit of measurement is often represented in metres. You’re buying a pump to pump water through, so what is suction pressure? The inlet of your pump, where water goes in from your tank, is considered the suction area on a pump. Suction pressure is how much water your pump can suck in through its inlet. Many pumps specify a suction lift, represented in metres. This represents how far down your water pump can lift water up from into itself.

Why is Suction Pressure Important?

Depending upon where your pump is located in relation to your tank, suction pressure may or may not be important to your rainwater harvesting system. All pumps ought to be able to take in water, otherwise they can’t do their job of “pumping” it. So then, when should you pay attention to suction pressure? If your water storage tank is underground, you might have a pump installed with it, or you could place a more accessible and maintainable water pump on the ground surface above your tank. If the base of your tank is 5m below your pump, then a pump with a suction lift of 8m should be able to easily suck up water from it before pumping it to where it is needed. Perhaps your property is also on a steep slope, and your pump ends up being better position in a location higher than your tank. Paying attention to the amount of suction a water pump has would be an important aspect to consider. In many instances, water pumps are placed right next to a tank, in which case you can just weigh up other points like how many taps you need water pumps to and the amount of water pressure that is needed from a pump. Other important features to consider include the water flow rate and the amount of head a pump can handle.

Selecting the Right Pump

At National Poly Industries, we make selecting an appropriate water pump easier by offering a popular range of high-quality brands. We provide rainwater tank and pump packages that make selecting the right pump easier. The amount of water pressure necessary largely depends upon the amount of taps you will access your water from. If more water pressure is necessary, then we can advise you on the right pump to go with your rainwater harvesting system.