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How to Plan Your Farm Water Storage

Water is vital to your land, animals, family, and business if you’re a farmer or work in agriculture. Without water, the implications may be disastrous, therefore knowing how much water you require is critical. The Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) estimates that:
“50% of dairy, 98% of meat and wool production, 96% of cropping, 70% of potatoes, 40% of vegetables, and significant areas of grapes and fruit crops utilise unregulated water for their production systems”
Stock water, irrigation, plant wash down, and production management operations all use water in production systems. As a result, it’s critical that you have a steady supply of water to run your farm business. To ensure that you have enough supplies throughout the year, even as the seasons change, careful preparation for Farm Water Tanks is essential. The following are the important phases in planning your property’s water storage:
  1. Determine how much water is necessary for each usage on your land (for example, watering livestock, irrigating crops, aquaculture, processing, weed spraying, cleaning, firefighting, and so on) (it is convenient to work with your average daily and annual requirements).
  2. Identify the water sources on your land, taking into account what applications they would be appropriate for based on their quality and any permissions that may be necessary.
  3. Determine if each water type requires stock tanks, rainfall tanks, dams, or other water storage structures.
Each property is different, so while you can base your estimates on other farms, keep in mind your property’s specific features. It pays to plan your storage requirements carefully as you can often negotiate better pricing when purchasing multiple tanks or even full truck loads. If you know how much water you need to store, we can help you figure out the most cost-effective amount and design of tanks to suit your volumetric needs. National Poly Industries can also provide you with dependable water storage that is tailored to your farm’s water source and demand. Please contact us right away to discuss your requirements.