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Automatic Rainwater to Mains Water Switches

Automatic Rainwater to Mains Water Switches help you to maximise the use of your rainwater supply by allowing you to prioritise rainwater to your plumbed in taps and only switching to mains water as a backup when your tank water is low. National Poly Industries supply Automatic Rain to Main Water Switches by Davey, Claytech & Pump master.
Davey Water Pump
ClayTech Water Pumps
Once the automatic switching system is fitted, you will have a reliable water supply to your toilets, laundry and other areas. You can reduce your mains water usage by as much as 40% when a switch is connected to your plumbed-in rainwater tank. If you have owned a manual switch in the past, then owning a quality automated switch means no more forgetting to manually switch from your rainwater to mains or vice-versa. An automated rainwater to mains water switch allows you to stop worrying about your rainwater running dry while maximising the use of your harvested rainwater. If your rainwater supply is low or if you have a power outage, the system will automatically switch to mains water for a continuous water supply.

Why Install An Automatic Switching Device?

An automatic device that switches to/from your mains water and rainwater provides you with:
  1. more space in your tank for storing rainwater when it next rains
  2. less use of your mains water supply which reduces your water bill.
In some locations Council may require you to install an automatic rainwater to mains water switch for the water efficiency they bring. This is often important in constructing new homes for meeting building requirements. If installing a rainwater to mains water switch, then a backflow prevention device is also required to prevent rainwater contaminating the mains water supply. National Poly Industries can advise you on the correct system along with necessary attachments at a competitive and cost effective price. Talk to our Team when purchasing your water tank to receive a package deal.

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