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Raw Moulding Materials

Coloured Poly PelletsThe polyethylene used in National Poly Industries’ products are sourced from Australian natural gas that is processed and compounded to include colour, UV inhibitors and other additives. Polyethylene is classified as a safe material by the National Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The poly pellets used in the manufacturing process are considered to be environmentally inert. During the manufacturing process polyethylene has minimal concentration of major fume constituents, which means that there is minimal discharge into the atmosphere. There is no waste in the manufacturing process as all off cuts are returned to the compounder for recycling and to be reused in a wide range of products including road barriers, pallets and more. Polyethylene provides a clean, recyclable alternative to traditional boat and tank building materials. Truly the material of the 21st Century.

Do You Need Help Choosing The Right Material?

There are many different poly compounds available suited to different product purposes. Let us help you to choose the right polyethylene material for your project. Talk to one our specialists today on 1800 758 709.

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