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Rotomoulding Process

Rotomould Process CompleteBefore the rotomoulding process begins there are several preparation steps.
  1. Product design – you need to know what you are making, the grade of plastic material required and design techniques necessary to achieve a successful product.
  2. Create the mould – also knowing as tooling, moulds typically constructed from aluminium or steel that transmit heat.
  3. Setup mould and machine – so the mould is heated correctly and fills out the mould to the right thickness at different points during the rotational cycle. The mould is also treated to ensure the raw plastic material sticks and comes away from the mould once cooled.
Once the plastic resin is loaded, the rotation cycle commences and heat is applied to your mould. The plastic resin inside of the mould melts and progressively lays up against the internal surface of the mould. Further tricks and techniques can be applied to multi-layering effects that might involve different colours, grades of plastic or materials. Once the layering process in complete the mould continues rotating as the plastic cools down and sets. During the cooling down process the product separates from the mould, allowing it to be eventually removed, fitted with the necessary bits and pieces and then delivered.

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There are many tips and tricks that are beneficial and important to understand during the design process. We invite you to take advantage of our experience and in-depth knowledge. Discuss your project with one of our rotomoulding specialists today on 1800 758 709.

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