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Using Settling Tanks to Improve Your Water Quality

June 15, 2018
When harvesting rainwater from your roof, a dam or river, or an underground bore, it is possible to increase the water quality through utilising two or more tanks. This article will examine settling tank systems – what they are and the benefits they can provide to the quality of water stored in your tank. What is a Settling […]
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Calculating Livestock Water Requirements for Your Farm

June 14, 2018
If you work a farm with livestock, planning for your necessary stock water is just as important as feed supplies. Ensuring your stock has adequate water at all times, especially during the hot Australian summer when livestock require more water, is evidently important. To correctly plan requires knowing your properties’ water sources, how much water […]
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Calculating Your Farm Water Usage Requirements

March 21, 2018
Careful water planning is essential before investing in your farm and costly constructions. This planning means performing a detailed water audit for your farm, calculating your farm water requirements and then working out appropriate water sources that you can tap into. This article is intended to help farmers calculate their water usage needs. Areas of Farm Water Usage While […]