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Feed and Water Troughs (QLD only)

National Poly TroughsTroughs are suited to feeding horses, cattle and sheep, but there are also many other uses that they can serve. Being made from UV-resistant poly means they will not crack in the sun. This also makes them ideal to be used in aquaculture, as part of a garden feature, pond or wading pool for children. All troughs come with a 1 inch brass outlet and poly cap so water can be quickly and easily drained.

Trough Sizes

Capacity Availability Diameter Height
590 Litre (130 Gallon) Queensland only 1.1m (3’7″) 600mm (2′)
1,170 Litre (260 Gallon) Queensland only 1.58m (5’3″) 600mm (2′)
Note: Tank capacities and specifications are approximate and may change without notice.

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