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10,000 Gal Poly Tank Water Storage for Westlink Petroleum


Westlink Petroleum is an Australian fuel transport company that services South-East Queensland, Central Queensland and Northern New South Wales. They use a large amount of water when washing their transport trucks and desired to become self-sufficient in their water use. It was estimated a water storage capacity of 10,000 gallons (45,400 litres) was required at their truck depot in Kingaroy, Queensland. Although they had very little space around their large shed, two of our 5,000 gallon tanks fit perfectly along side their front fence. (see photo below) It should be noted they also received the best price per litre. This is because 5,000 gallon water tanks are a popular tank size, which puts some pressure on to be more competitive with price. In addition, since we are literally manufacturing these tanks every day, the overheads of setup and manufacturing end up being less. There are also many other benefits to a multiple tank setup. If you are interested in a 5,000 gallon tank, be sure to contact us directly for the best price delivered. Alternatively, if looking for a different tank solution, take a look over our complete rainwater tank range or give us a call. Two 5000 Gallon Tanks at Westlink Petroleum

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