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100,000L Storage in Poly Water Tanks (South-East Qld)

National Poly Industries regularly receives customers needing very large water storage solutions. One private property owner in South-East Queensland came to us requiring a minimum water storage requirement of 20,000 gallons (approximately 91,000 litres) and wanted to know our best value per litre solution. Many think buying one very large tank will be more cost-effective than multiple tanks. Yet, this isn’t true, and there are many benefits to a multiple tank setup. In this particular case, four 5,400 gallon tanks better fit alongside their large shed (see photo below). It also worked out cheaper than the alternative solutions of two 10,000 gallon tanks, or one very large 20,000 gallon steel tank (poly tanks are normally found in sizes up to 11,000 gallons). Furthermore, with four 5,400 gallon tanks they received a total storage capacity of 21,600 gallons (98,000 litres), providing a bonus 1,600 gallons. Since 5,400 gallon water tanks are a popular tank size, there is a lot more competition. This puts pressure on manufacturers to be more competitive with prices on tanks around this size. In addition, given their popularity, the overheads of setup and manufacturing is much less. These tanks are literally trucked out of our manufacturing facility every day. Consider also in a multiple tank setup like below, if the property owner ever found they needed more water then it will be quite easy to add in another tank. Alternatively, if they accidentally crash into one and it springs a leak, they won’t lose all their water and it will cost much less repairing or replacing one smaller tank. Finally, just look at how great our 5,400 gallon corrugated tanks look alongside this large shed. Four 5400 Gallon Tanks

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