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90,800L Water Storage with Poly Water Tanks (Bundaberg Recreational Precinct)

Bundaberg Recreational Precinct (show grounds)Bundaberg City Council required multiple rainwater tanks with a total capacity of 90,800 litres to service its Bundaberg Recreation Precinct (show grounds). They decided purchasing multiple poly tanks was a better option than one very large tank. The cost-benefits of installing multiple smaller tanks, redundancy factor should one tank break, and space considerations are some reasons for going with a multiple water tank solution. Poly Industries manufactured and delivered four large 22,700 litre poly tanks. These Super Squat 5,000 gallon tanks were installed and linked together at the show grounds to harvest rainwater from rooftops via a “wet system” (see What are Wet Rainwater Harvesting Systems?). These are now used to store water used to irrigate the show grounds lawns and gardens, by the main arena and the horse stables found on site. Bundaberg Recreational Precinct - 5000 gallon tanks

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