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50,000L Water Storage using Multiple Poly Water Tanks in Small Space (Toogoom, Qld)

There are some who believe it isn’t possible to have their property be entirely water self-sufficient. We have customers however, who have purchased water tanks through us for such purposes. In the Fraser Coast region, many homes are connected to a reticulated (mains) water supply. One home owner located in Toogoom, Queensland however did not and wanted to be entirely self-sufficient for their own water needs. They estimated a total water storage capacity of 50,000 litres (11,000 gallons) being necessary. Yet, their property had relatively little room for the large tank that would be required. Thankfully, our specially made 10,000 litre upright tanks, which are more tall and thin, fit perfectly alongside their house. (see photo below) 10,000L Tanks - Toogoom Home Instead of one large 11,000 gallon tank or two 5,000 gallon tanks, we provided them with a great deal on five of our 10,000 litre upright tanks. If you find yourself wanting larger water storage capacities, but are strapped for space, then you might want to consider a multiple tank setup. There are numerous benefits to installing multiple tanks compared to a single tank install. Consider if one was accidentally hit, sprung a leak, or something else, you won’t need to lose all your water and it will cost much less replacing one smaller tank. Furthermore, multiple tanks create a kind of settling system, where the first tank traps most of sediment and heavy particles. This allows fresher water to pass on into the next tank, improving the quality of water that is pumped back around your property. If you need water storage for your home, check out our range of rainwater tanks. We have many different sizes and styles to meet most requirements for any property.

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