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Farm Water Tanks 

Farm Water Tanks 

Clean water is an absolute necessity for survival and a steady supply of water is essential for your farmland to thrive. When the water table can no longer accommodate water during a flood or you need to store water for an emergency, a farm water tank would come in handy. Everything from storing drinking water to fire suppression, a rural water tank could serve a broad range of requirements.

Main Water Source for Your Farmland

Own a farmland in rural Australia? It is unlikely that you have access to the main water supply for your farmland. A farm water tank can act as your main source. With careful water planning and installation of multiple poly tanks, you can have an uninterrupted water supply for your household chores, crop irrigation, stock management and more.

Collect, Store & Maximise Water Sources

With a rural water tank on your property, you can maximise your water storage by harvesting rainwater from the roof and pumping water from rivers, creeks, or groundwater table. You can also tap in and capture the water runoff from dams, allowing you to add more water sources for your property.

Increased Flexibility & Efficiency

Having multiple farm water tanks can reduce the risk of water shortage and increase the flexibility to add more tanks if you have increased water requirements. You will also have the flexibility to separate clean water sources from relatively contaminated ones thus increasing the efficiency of water usage.

Emergency Supply—For Fire, Drought & More

Drought and fires do not hit us with a warning. Australian weather can often be harsh, and parts of Australia are fire prone. During a fire or any other emergency, main water supply might be cut off. Water from your tank can help in such circumstances by acting as your only source until normalcy is restored.

Hydrological Balance

Rural water tanks play a role in substantially replenishing groundwater in drought-prone areas. In addition, by installing a tank water irrigation system you can restore the hydrological equilibrium of the land and ensure that you don’t have to depend on seasonal rainfall.

Types of Farm Water Tanks

Water storage is an age-old process that has seen many changes over the years. Tanks of various sizes and models have been crafted to best fit unique requirements. With careful planning, you can install tanks that are designed for your specific needs on your farmland. Consult with us about National Poly Industries’ range of durable farm water tanks.

Round Tanks Under 10kL

Designed for both rural and urban applications, round tanks under 10kL are perfect to store water without changing the taste or quality. With superior design and tapered walls above 5000L, these tanks are available in a range of colours that you can choose from. Competitively priced, National Poly Industries’ heavy-duty round water tanks are manufactured to meet Australian standards and come with 20 years warranty. View our range of Round Tanks Under 10kl

Round Tanks Over 10kL

While there are a wide variety of tanks, National Poly Industries’ round tanks over 10kL are perfect for long-term storage of water without compromising on the quality of the water. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest standards using food-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene. If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting tanks, our round tanks over 10kL are an ideal choice. View our range of Round Water Tanks Over 10kl

Slimline Tanks

Another excellent space-saving option designed to fit in tight spaces or unused spaces on your property is a slimline tank. Creating a sleek and modern look, National Poly Industries’ slimline tanks are easy to install and easy to manoeuvre. Extremely durable, our poly slimline tanks can last longer, and our 10-year warranty can back that up. View our range of Slimline Tanks

Industry Leader in Farm Water Tanks

Accessorise your farmland with National Poly Industries’ range of specially curated farm water tanks that can ensure your property has always more than enough water storage space. With options to maximise storage and be space efficient, we have been manufacturing non-corrosive tanks that last for over 20 years. Using cutting-edge technology and premium-grade materials, we ensure to deliver tanks that will have a clean and clear inner surface for a long time. Get our one-piece constructed tanks for an uninterrupted, infestation-free water supply for your land.   Call our team at National Poly Industries or enquire online to find the right rural water tank for your land.

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