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Identifying Good Tank Locations

When purchasing a rainwater tank for your home, it’s vital to choose appropriate installation options near the primary roof harvesting area. Examine the location of your downpipes as you go around your home. Rainwater tanks don’t have to be flush against a house’s exterior wall; instead, they can be connected to your gutter downpipe or even buried underground. So, if your property has a path that wraps around the side, your tank might be put on the path’s outside edge. Corrugated water tanks come in a range of colours and look great in the garden. You could even build up rainwater tanks in a way that provides extra privacy in the correct spot if you don’t have a fence to keep your neighbours out. After you’ve considered several tank placement options, it’s time to choose your tank style(s).  

Property Size and Space

When choosing a tank that will fit on your property, you must obviously be reasonable. Planning and preparation are essential for ensuring that your tank is not placed in an inconvenient location. If your property is large enough, you should have no trouble fitting in a large round tank. You might be able to fit a slimline tank or two along the side of your house, on the other hand. If you have limited fencing, keep in mind that they can also provide some privacy along your property border. Shallow excavation underground tanks are another alternative for poly tanks.

Water Tank Range at National Poly Industries

If you are not quite sure what would be appropriate, then our friendly staff would be happy to provide advice. National Poly Industries’ range of poly water tanks is quite diverse.

Round Corrugated Tanks

Our round water tanks feature a unique ribbed contour for maximum integrated strength and to keep the shape of your tank consistent. Our elegant corrugated round tanks are available in two size ranges:

Slimline Water Tanks

Our slimline tank models are designed for strength, space and cost efficiency. Combining visual appeal with industry-leading integral strength, National Poly Industries’ slimline range are designed to suit limited space applications. Slimline tank capacities are available from 2,000 to 5,000 litres. If you would like further information on National Poly Industries range of tanks, then call or email us – our friendly staff are happy to discuss your needs.

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