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Water Tanks Gold Coast

Water Tank Requirement in Gold Coast

Better known as Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast is a coastal city in Queensland and a major tourist destination. With world-class surfing beaches, theme parks and rainforest hinterland, there is never a dull moment on the Gold Coast. The region experiences a sub-tropical climate with hot and humid summers and pleasant winters. Even though the region gets the majority of rainfall during summer, intermittent showers are seen throughout the year and it is thus vital that we save most of the rainwater for domestic and other uses.

Premier Water Tanks in Gold Coast

National Poly Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing water tanks and a leading poly tank provider in the Gold Coast area. We not only manufacture the tanks locally but also deliver them on time which makes us the preferred water tank installer in Gold Coast. With our longstanding experience of over 20 years, we bring with us the knowledge and expertise that gives us an edge in providing the best to our customers.

We install water tanks both in rural and urban areas. We are well-equipped to provide tanks to small and large households, residential areas or commercial establishments. All our tanks are built to withstand harsh local weather conditions. Our rainwater tanks are manufactured using food-grade, BPA-free, UV-stabilised polyethylene. They are rust-free and non-corrosive which makes them extremely durable. They are one-piece construction with no separate lid that ensures no larva or insect gets inside the tank. All our tanks are competitively priced.

Read on to take a closer look at the various tanks which we manufacture and install.

Round Tanks Under 10KL

These small tanks are quite sturdy and have a warranty of 20 years. Round tanks do not affect the quality or taste of water even when stored for a long period of time. They can be even linked together for greater storage.

Round Tanks Over 10KL

These are heavy-duty, premium-quality tanks. They are built to be extra strong, with tapered walls and a thicker base.These come with quality water-marked fittings, have no vertical side seams and are warranted for 20 years.

Slimline Tanks

They are ideal to catch and store water in unused parts of the property or where space is a constraint. They are easy to manoeuvre and are available in a range of colours. Durable and easy to install, slimline tanks have a 10-year warranty.

Thin Tanks

They look aesthetically appealing and will fit in any corner of your home or backyard. They provide minimum intrusion on your property. These stylish tanks are made of solid one-piece construction and are very strong.

Industrial Tanks

All our industrial storage tanks are manufactured to store a wide range of liquids including SG1, SG1.4 and SG2. They have a storage capacity of 1,000L to 37,200L. We customise the tank as per your requirement.

Chemical Storage Tanks

These are designed to store even the dangerous goods chemicals with capacities ranging from 1,000L to 37,200L. We deliver the tank with documentation confirming custom-made fittings have been added as requested.

Fertiliser Storage Tanks

We are a major supplier of fertiliser storage tanks and our network with the fertiliser suppliers helps us design custom-engineered tanks for specific needs. Our tanks are capable of holding liquids with a specific gravity of SG1.4 or SG2.

Molasses Storage Tanks

They look like water tanks but weigh more and have thicker walls. These industrial grade tanks have a storage capacity of 1,000L to 28,100L and can be custom fitted. All storage units are fitted with a special screw-top lid and breather.

Mining Storage and Products

We supply dosing tanks, large industrial tanks and flanges along with other fittings needed in special mining operations, to the largest mining companies in the country. Our network with the mining industry helps in customising the designs.

Water Treatment Plants

We provide custom storage solutions for water treatment plants across the country. Our competent and skilled staff work within short deadlines to complete large projects while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Cartage Tanks

They are used to transport water and most chemicals and come in various sizes. Our cartage tanks are made from food-grade, impact-resistant polyethylene. Their seamless one-piece construction makes them extremely strong.

Feed and Water Troughs

Besides feeding the farm animals, troughs can be used as a part of the garden feature, in aquaculture or as a wading pool for children. Made of UV-resistant poly, they do not crack in the sun and are durable.

Why Choose National Poly in Gold Coast?

Besides quality water tanks, National Poly products come with several other benefits. Read on to know more.

Locally-Owned and Operated

Being a locally owned and operated company, we understand the requirements of our community and provide personalised products to rural and urban areas. We also manufacture products that withstand local weather conditions.

Certified to Australian Standards

All our tanks are AS/NZS 4766 certified, which ensures they are manufactured with quality materials and will last long. Our tanks are tested to meet the standards for safe drinking water-AS2070/AS4020.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

National Poly is an ISO certified AS/NZ 9001:2008 company, which assures that we meet the highest standards of quality requirements. Most of our products also come with a 20-year warranty

Competitively Priced

Our products look very sleek and stylish, yet they are practical in use and competitively priced. As we manufacture using locally available raw materials and handle delivery and installation ourselves, our tanks are very cost-effective.

Easy To Maintain and Set-Up

All our water tanks are made of polyethylene, which makes it easier to transport and set them up. Poly tanks require less ongoing maintenance and can be set up with a self-cleaning system.


Made up of non-corrosive and rust-free material, our tanks are extremely durable. Thicker walls at the base give them strength to last long. Set them up once, and you can relax for years to come.

To learn more about our tanks and services, call us now!

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