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Water Tanks Bundaberg

Rainwater Tanks Bundaberg

Bundaberg is the tenth largest city in Australia. A bustling city with lots of businesses and attractions around. It also has the famous Bundaberg distillery and is the home of the popular Bundaberg or Bundy Rum. The city is also known for producing copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Its tourism industry is quite active too. All these activities that support Bundaberg’s economy are highly water-intensive enterprises.

Naturally, the water requirements of the city are extensive too. Bundaberg is one of the wetter cities in Australia, getting almost double the annual rainfall of Australia’s annual mean. Hence, it is quite natural that the residents here will take advantage of the heavier rainfall and harvest the water to fulfil those requirements. Harvesting rainwater properly and safely requires the right tanks of the right sizes. Once upon a time, rainwater harvesting poly tanks were quite uncommon and only used in certain specialty industries. Today, we have National Poly Industries supplying large numbers and types of sturdy and affordable poly water tanks throughout Queensland from Bundaberg and southeast Queensland, most houses, companies, and organisations have them to collect, harvest and save water.

Discover Our Water Tanks in Bundaberg, Queensland

Poly tanks are one of the most convenient ways to save and store water. They come in a large variety that you can choose from according to your needs and they last for years. Keeping the water clean and usable is also an important function of the tank and our water tanks in Bundaberg do function well. Here is our entire range of products:

Round Tanks Under 10000L

Round tanks are the most common water storage solution in Bundaberg. The 10k litre water tanks are commonly found in homes, shops, and smaller industrial and agricultural concerns. National Poly Industries Tanks water tanks in Bundaberg, all of which come in a variety of colours and designs. You will find them in volumes ranging from 1000L to 8600L. They are the best choice for low to medium harvesting and storage requirements and come with 20 years of warranty.

Round Tanks Over 10000L

Larger water tanks of volumes of more than 10k litre are mostly used in high-volume industrial and agricultural bodies as well as large corporate buildings. We ensure our water tanks are built to be sturdy and durable enough to manage the larger volume of materials. We provide 20 years of warranty to assure of the same too. They are available in both round and squat versions and range from volumes of 10,000L to 50,050L with different colours and style options.

Industrial Tanks

National Poly Industries specialises in industrial and mining tanks and custom industrial tanks for the specific industrial or commercial concern that you are ordering them for. These tanks are perfect for industrial water storage, retention and detention, water treatment, chemical storage and processing, liquid feed and fertilizer transport and storage. They are manufactured using precision rotomoulding and conform with the AS-4766:2006 standards. These tanks can hold harsh chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid liquid alum and more and can carry liquids of specific gravity from 1 to 2. We also provide tank fittings of all types including welded PE pipe to suit industrial applications. Our industrial tanks range in size from 1000L to 37,200L.

Slimline Tanks

Slimline tanks are built especially for cases where there is limited space to install a larger tank. They come in a range of colours and styles and are available in volumes of 1000L, 2000L, 3000L and 5000L. Just because these tanks are smaller and narrower does not mean they are any less hardy. Our slimline water tanks in Bundaberg Queensland all follow the necessary Australian standards and come with 10 years of warranty.

Thin Tanks

Thin tanks are the perfect solution if you want to harvest rainwater but do not have enough space to get a round tank installed. These tanks are very narrow and fit easily in even the thinnest of spaces. Moreover, they blend in perfectly with the boundary walls and the rest of the architecture, which makes them suitable for homes and stores that want to maintain a certain aesthetic. Our thin tanks are made in accordance with AS/NZ standards and are available in 1000L and 2000L variants.

Other Products

Our other products include cartage tanks, molasses storage tanks, feed and water troughs, custom tank moulding, as well as tank accessories like water tank pumps, tank fittings, water diverters, leaf strainers, and automatic mains switches.

Benefits of National Poly Industries Water Tanks in Bundaberg

High-Quality Yet Affordable

National Poly Industries water tanks are made with the latest technology and best products to provide assured quality. They are constructed using food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene with no BPA. They are made in one piece with no detachable lid or supporting poles, which ensures the durability of the tank and the quality of the stored water. We follow all AS/NZ standards and are ISO and BASIX-certified with a 10-year warranty on slimline tanks and 20 years warranty on our round tanks. National Poly Tanks are all affordable products, and you will get the best within your budget.

End-to-End Water Tank Services

Installing a tank is an important task and it is best that professionals manage it. National Poly Industries has over 25 years of experience in this industry, being more than capable to manage your tank installation needs. We transport our tanks directly within our service for free up to 400km free to most areas and will deliver them to your doorstep. Moreover, if you need a custom product that you do not find within our range, you can explain your requirements to us, and we will point you in the direction of the right product to suit your needs.

Variety of Tanks and Products

If you check out our website, you will find a diverse range of water tanks that should fulfil all your water storage needs for the people of Bundaberg and throughout Queensland. Besides water tanks, we also make troughs, silos and tank fittings and accessories. Need a tailored product for your specialised needs? We can get that custom-fitted for you too. All our products are available in a variety of colours and designs.

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