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Water Tanks in Sunshine Coast

Rainwater Tanks Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a bustling city in Queensland that receives an average of 300 mm of rainfall within the first few months of the year. This drops significantly to 40mm in the winter months and leads to an ever-growing demand for water, which is why a rainwater tank becomes a necessity. National Poly Industries offers Australian-made and quality-assured poly rainwater tanks. We have been catering to the customised requirements of our clients for over 20 years and strive to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Discover Our Water Tanks in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Round Tanks Under 10000L

Our small, premium water tanks for Sunshine Coast are available in an extensive range of colours. You can opt for our heavy-duty 1000L Round Tank (220G), 1800L Round Tank (400G), 8600L Round Tank (1900G), etc., which are warranted for 20 years.

Round Tanks Over 10000L

We manufacture sturdy large water tanks as per Australian Standards, with a 20-year warranty. You may choose a 10000L Round Squat (2200G), a 22700L Round Super Squat (5000G), a Round Tank of 37,200L (8200G), etc.

Industrial Tanks

You can rely on our highly qualified and experienced team for consultation and the design of custom-fitted industrial tanks. You can use the tanks (1000L to 37200L) to store industrial water, liquid feed, liquid fertiliser, and chemicals like liquid alum, hydrochloric acid, etc., with a specific gravity ranging from SG1 to SG2. The tanks are rotomoulded to abide by AS-4766:2006 and are available in a wide range of fittings, including plastic coated, poly extended stub flanges, etc.

Slimline Tanks

You can select these easy-to-install water tanks in Sunshine Coast if you have limited space or wish to store water in unused property areas. The 2000L Slimline (220G), 3000L Slimline (660G), 5000L Slimline (1100G), etc., are durable and have a 10-year warranty.

Thin Tanks

Our thin tank range is the result of years of innovation, research, and development. The environmentally friendly, space-saving, and stylish thin tanks are certified Australian Registered Designs. You can choose between Thin Tank 1000L Slimline (220G) or Thin Tank 2000L Slimline (440G) based on your requirements.

Other Products

We also supply a range of other products including cartage tanks, molasses storage tanks, feed and water troughs, custom tank moulding, as well as tank accessories like water tank pumps, tank fittings, water diverters, leaf strainers, and automatic mains switches.

Benefits of National Poly Industries Water Tanks in Sunshine Coast

State of the Art Manufacturing

We have a combined experience of about 100 years and work collectively to craft the best products. Our team employs premium materials to design durable water tanks and adheres to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766: Certified Tanks. The tanks have food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene which ensures maximum protection from harsh Australian conditions and strength retention.

Affordable Water Tanks Sunshine Coast

We supply top-grade water tanks in Sunshine Coast at budget-friendly rates. If you are unable to find a product in our line, we can customise the tanks to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we transport the tanks to your doorsteps for free for up to 400 km.

One-Piece Construction

We manufacture single-piece water tanks that are devoid of seams and weak points. The absence of seams also prevents splitting or cracking, which makes the tanks sturdier.

Safe Drinking

Our tanks are BPA-free, which allows you to consume clean and fresh water. We meet all the necessary regulations for safe drinking, AS 2070/AS 4020. Furthermore, our water tanks are easy to maintain and can be set up with a tank self-cleaning system.

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