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Water Tanks Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Noosa & More

Dotted with several beaches, the region has a subtropical climate which is quite the climatic condition of southern Queensland. The weather varies from hot in summers to mildly warm in winters with the coolest month being June and the hottest month being January. Sunshine Coast, along with Noosa and Caloundra receives moderate to high rainfall and doesn’t have any dry season as such. The region attracts several tourists throughout the year and is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Queensland. Besides tourism, the Sunshine Coast region is an agricultural area where poultry, milk and strawberries are the biggest farming segments.

With high rainfall throughout the year, there is a justified requirement for rainwater tanks in Noosa, Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast. Rainwater tanks can collect and store water for a variety of purposes and with National Poly Industries, you get a wide range of tanks. From an assortment of sizes and colours to a huge range of thicknesses, our tanks can help you store more than just water.

Water Tanks Sunshine Coast

National Poly Industries is an Australian-owned tank manufacturing company that has been in this business for more than 20 years now. We manufacture, supply and install the best quality polyethylene tanks in the Sunshine Coast, including its areas of Noosa and Caloundra. We manufacture locally and deliver the tanks on time which makes us a preferred tank manufacturer and installer in the whole of Sunshine Coast. Let us take a closer look at each one of the tank types that we supply.

Round Tanks Under 10Kl

These are small tanks that are quite strong and durable. They are manufactured as per Australian standards using BPA-free, UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene. These are rust-free PE tanks that do not affect the taste or quality of the water even if stored for a long period. Our small round tanks come with a warranty of 20 years.

Round Tanks Over 10Kl

These are the bigger tanks with all the same features as our small round tanks. They are durable and made of UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene too. They can endure harsh conditions while keeping the water safe and unaffected. They are fitted with Watermarked fittings and can be linked together for greater storage capacity.

Slimline Tanks

Rust-free and compact, our Slimline tanks are made from UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be used in places that have limited space. For greater water storing capacity, these tanks can also be linked. Like all our other tanks, the Slimline range is also available in multiple colours and has a 10-year warranty on it.

Thin Tanks

Thin tanks are highly specialised, innovative, space-saving tanks that go with the ambience of modern homes. They are thin and can be fitted anywhere without making it look like an unsightly, bulky structure in your otherwise pristine backyard space. These tank designs are certified by the Australian Registered Designs and manufactured in Australia in complete compliance with Australian standards.

Industrial Tanks

At National Poly Industries, you get a whole range of industrial tanks from 1000 litres to 37,200 litres. They are custom-built to match your requirements and come with a range of fittings. Our industrial tanks can be used to store more than just water and are sturdy single-piece construction with greater durability.

Chemical Storage Tanks

From 1000 litres to 37,200 litres, our chemical storage tanks come in all sizes. These tanks are specially manufactured to gravities from SG 1.5 to SG 2 to be able to hold chemicals of various types including hazardous ones. Constructed as per Australian quality standards, our tanks are completely safe.

Fertilizer Storage Tanks

Just as we supply specially-made heavy-duty tanks for industrial purposes, we also manufacture and supply specially-made tanks for agricultural purposes. We work together with fertilizer manufacturers and build customised tanks that can store fertilizers and chemicals with a gravity of SG 1.4 or SG 2. Our wide-ranging experience and extensive network help us deliver to perfection.

Cartage Tanks

Our cartage tanks are single-piece constructions made from UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene. They come in a range of sizes to enable easy and safe transport of all kinds of liquids.

Molasses Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks are industrial-grade and come in a range of sizes from 1000 litres up to 28,100 litres. These tanks have special screw top lids, brass outlets and gate valves. We have quite a longstanding experience and have gathered the knowledge and expertise to custom-build tanks for storing molasses.

Besides the tanks, we also manufacture and supply feed and water troughs, mining products, industrial flanges, tanks for water treatment plants etc. We also supply water tank accessories like water tank pumps, tank fittings, water diverters, leaf strainers, automatic main switches, etc.

The National Poly Advantage

National Poly Industries has several benefits other than quality tanks. Read on to learn more.

Quality Assurance

The National Poly water tanks in Sunshine Coast, are manufactured according to Australian quality standards and are made from food-grade polyethylene. They are all UV-stabilised and do not affect the quality of water. This gives us the confidence to provide warranties with our water tanks.


Our tanks are single-piece construction and have no vertical seams. The walls are thicker which means the structural integrity of the tanks is intact. Smooth side walls with no lids leave no room for the entry of vermin or algae. This helps the tanks last long.

Range of Styles, Colours and Prices

Our tanks come in a range of colours and styles so that you can choose the one that complements your homes, commercial complexes, farms or factories. We also have a range of sizes and capacities to suit your requirement while the prices of all our products remain competitive.

Free Delivery to Most Areas

We cater to a wide range of industries. From agriculture to construction, our tanks have a purpose to serve in all places. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to deliver the tanks promptly and safely to the respective sites.

Locally-Sourced Materials

Our tanks are 100% Australian-made which means all the required materials are also locally sourced. This also helps us custom-build water tanks for you and deliver them promptly. This way, we are also able to keep our prices in a competitive range and assertively provide quality assurance.

To learn more about our tanks and our services, call us today!

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